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Fly tipping problems in and around Romford? GB Skip Hire are here to help.

Fly tipping around Romford is on the increase once again in and around Romford. Dumping waste illegally – or Fly Tipping – costs Havering Borough £1 million a year to clean up. Dumped rubbish is not only illegal, it is unhealthy, bad for the environment, and can be highly dangerous.



If you see large quantities of rubbish that has been dumped in or around Romford, it should be reported to Havering Borough Council. If the rubbish is on public land, such as a street or a park, the council will arrange for it to be removed. If the rubbish is on private land, the council will investigate, then contact the land owner to arrange the removal.

You can report fly-tipping: anonymously online at Havering Council website or by calling Havering council on 01708 434343.



Business owners are required by law to use a waste management company with a valid Waste Carrier Licence and to also obtain a waste transfer note – a form of receipt for the exchange of waste that proves the rubbish has been handled correctly. GB Skip hire is a licensed Waste Carrier for Havering and our team have handled waste for both large and small businesses in the local area since 1972, and will supply all required paperwork as standard business practice.



Unfortunately there are fake waste collectors who will charge you for removing rubbish, then dump it illegally. By law, as the originator of the waste, the transportation and disposal of waste is your responsibility, and the failure to dispose of waste properly can lead to fines of hundreds of pounds. At GB Skip hire, we pride ourselves on our friendly professional service – recycling waste is our business, with less than 20% of going to landfill, and all of it being handled, sorted, and disposed of carefully and professionally.



If you have been the victim of fly tipping, the first step is to report it – fly-tipping is a crime, and it will need to be investigated. Once the investigations are complete, you will need to arrange to have the waste removed. GB Skip Hire can help by providing safe transportation and can arrange Skip loading depending on the size of the skip required. Call us on 020 7476 3050 to talk to one of our friendly, professional waste management team about the removal of fly-tipped rubbish.